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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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Police safeguarding car lifters, accuses owners

GPlus | August 10, 2016 23:38 hrs

One person, Jalil, of Haiborgaon, Nagaon, has been accused of being involved in multiple car lifting incidents throughout Assam and Meghalaya. The gang of car lifters led by Jalil, on 22nd July, lifted a 12 wheeler truck (AS-19-C-3047) and on 5th August lifted another 12 wheeler truck (WB-25-D-9257) from the vicinity of a Punjabi Dhaba, in 12 mile.  On the basis of information incurred by sources, Byrnihat Police could rescue the vehicle from Jalil's garage, in Haiborgaon, Nagaon. However, within a duration of 24 hours, the gang of car lifters changed the engine number and chassis number of the vehicles, and re-registered under Nagaland governmnet with an intention to resale the vehicles. It has also been accused by the owners of the vehicles that police officials of Haiborgaon have been safeguarding Jalil and his gang of car lifters.
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