Possibility of Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 Cannot be Ruled Out: WHO
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Possibility of Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 Cannot be Ruled Out: WHO

G Plus News | July 08, 2020 16:24 hrs

GUWAHATI: The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the possibility of the novel coronavirus being airborne in crowded, closed or poorly ventilated settings cannot be discarded. If the evidence can be confirmed soon, then it may affect guidelines for indoor spaces. 

Scientists from across the world had written an open letter accusing WHO of ignoring and underestimating the possibility of the infectious disease being airborne. 

The scientists who wrote the letter wanted to spark healthy scientific debates on the issue in the public domain to contribute to researches revolving around the transmission of the dreaded virus.

The discussion on the possible transmission of the virus though air was the need of the hour to prevent severe outbreaks of the virus on a larger scale since it is clear that aerosol transmission due to the droplets that remain in surroundings have posed a huge risk to healthcare workers and those that come in contact with COVID-19 patients.

WHO officials cautioned that the evidence from this research is preliminary and that the issue requires further detailed assessment.

So far, close to 12 million people have been affected by the novel coronavirus and over half a million deaths have been reported so far, from across the world.

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