Rain Plays Spoilsport during India Vs Sri Lanka Match in Guwahati

Sunday, 07 June 2020

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Rain Plays Spoilsport during India Vs Sri Lanka Match in Guwahati

G Plus News | January 05, 2020 18:55 hrs

GUWAHATI: With unseasonal rains predicted for Guwahati and the regions around it, the India vs Sri Lanka T20I match faces the very real possibility of being rained out. 

The humidity will be as high as 84%. 

However, the good thing is that it is expected to be windy and the wind might blow the rain away. 

"While the city of Guwahati will witness some isolated showers during the afternoon hours, the night time will remain pleasant and rain-free. Spectators should be able to enjoy the show without weather gods providing any hindrance," a source told G Plus.

The afternoon rains, however, may do enough damage to render the playing areas unusable. 

“Barsapara stadium is equipped with water protection covers and drainage facilities which proved adequate during the India-Australia match that was held in Guwahati in 2017. We are confident that the facilities will prove themselves to be adequate in case of rain during the India VS Sri Lanka match as well. Barsapara stadium has high sand content in the soil which means that the drainage would be faster and more effective,” the source added.

The main field of Barsapara stadium is the first of its kind in the entire country, as it is 100% sand based with a detailed subsoil drainage network on grid pattern. The region is subject to very heavy precipitation, so the subsoil drainage system is designed to withstand cloudburst, such that play can start within minutes of a rain stoppage.

As Guwahati is set to witness a men’s international cricket match after over two years, cricket fans don't seem to be too bothered about the rain threats. Rains over the last couple of days haven't dampened their enthusiasm with over 30,000 match tickets having been sold out already. 

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