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Repeated Thefts in Empty Women's Hostel of Tezpur University Causes Concern Among Boarders

G Plus News | May 07, 2020 14:42 hrs

GUWAHATI: There have been reports of repeated thefts in the Dhansiri Women's Hostel of Tezpur University.

Reportedly, three attempts have been made in the past ten days in the hostel including one last night which is now empty as boarders had left for their respective homes prior to the lockdown.

A boarder of the hostel from Guwahati, who wished to remain anonymous said, "Constant news of theft reported in hostels of Tezpur University. Administration is silent. Even after repeated complaints from the boarders, there has been another attempt of theft in Dhansiri Women's Hostel. This time the thieves have reached the first floor of the hostel. No male security guard is allowed within the hostel premises.  This time a group of 5 thieves entered the building with saw and axe."

Dhanapati Deka, Dean of Students’ Welfare at the central university, talking to G Plus informed, "The hostel is located towards one end of the campus, near to the boundary wall. Although we have two boundary walls, one for the hostel and the other for the campus, we have been getting reports of theft over the past days as the hostel has nobody living in it now. One air conditioner was taken away."

When asked about the security of the hostel, Deka informed, "Earlier we had a security guard at the gate only, but now we have given him a room in the hostel itself. After these reports, we have increased the security of the entire campus, and patrolling has also been increased. Now four groups comprising four security guards each will be patrolling the campus at random timings. Also, groups have been made consisting of the wardens and other management personnel to visit the hostels.”

However, Puwal Hazarika, officer-in-charge of Borghat Police Outpost said that the incidents have not yet been reported. 

"The University has around 100 security guards, but they are not utilized as required. If properly planned patrolling is done, such petty thefts can be stopped."

Clearly, the management has not yet reported the thefts in the women's hostel to the police. News about theft of bicycles from the university campus had also surfaced before the lockdown. 

"We do regular patrolling around the area, but we are not allowed to enter the hostel. The police can take action only when a crime is reported," added Hazarika.

The incident has caused panic amongst the boarders who are now in their respective homes having left their valuables in the hostel. 

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