Restrictions on sale of fire crackers in the city
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Restrictions on sale of fire crackers in the city

G Plus News | October 12, 2017 11:56 hrs

The Kamrup (Metro) district administration to impose restrictions on selling of fire crackers in the city in view of the coming Diwali festival on October 19.


Deputy Commissioner of the District, M. Angamuthu told G Plus, “Diwali crackers cannot be sold here and there without prior permission. Both wholesalers and retailers will have to take permission for selling crackers.”


The sellers will have to take a no-objection certificate (NOC) from fire department, Guwahati Municipal Corporation, Police, Pollution Control Board and District Administration.


“There will designate places and only the certified sellers will be able to sell the fire crackers. Disciplinary actions will be taken against anyone flouting the guidelines and not having the required permissions,” Angamuthu said.


The PCBA informed that they have already set a guideline for the sale of crackers.


“We have put emphasise on low smoke crackers and will also check the ingredients used in the crackers. For example, the crackers containing Strontium or heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury will not be allowed,” PCBA engineer Gokul Bhuyan, said.


Moreover, fire crackers can be sold in specific areas which will be identified and notified by the district administration.



However, regulations were set by the District administration to thwart the sale of illegal China-made crackers last year too, but were oenly sold anyway.



“Several raids are being conducted at shops in the city already and the district administration will look into that the sellers follow the regulations set on,” Angamuthu said when asked about the imposition of the restrictions.

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