Rickshaws continue to cause Traffic menace in Guwahati

Saturday, 26 September 2020

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Rickshaws continue to cause Traffic menace in Guwahati

G Plus News | November 22, 2018 17:02 hrs

GUWAHATI: Even after being restricted from plying on the main roads in the city, several rickshaw pullers are seen operating on the main roads, causing traffic congestion much to the woes of the residents.

Guwahatians have complained that these unruly rickshaws are often seen plying on busy areas such as Ganeshguri, GS Road, Chandmari and Zoo Road among others.       

“Rickshaws cause major traffic snarls especially during peak hours of morning and evening. Moreover, it is risky for the rickshaw passengers when vehicles are going past them with such speed,” Sandip Rajkhowa, a resident of R G Baruah Road (commonly known as Zoo Road) informed G Plus.    

Residents also mentioned that many of these rickshaw pullers do not follow traffic rules raising the chances of traffic accidents.  

Further, rickshaws often stop in the middle of the road, leading to a chaotic traffic situation.


Photo of Rickshaw plying on busy roads of Guwahati

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  • Sanskriti

    Dear Guwahati Plus - For a balanced coverage about mobility in Guwahati, it would be useful to present the views of rickshaw pullers and passengers as well. Instead of putting the blame on cycle rickshaws, please try to think critically - It is well possible that the city is suffering from the growing menace of private cars and motorised two-wheelers, that are causing congestion, unsafe road conditions (including due to speed), and air pollution. The solution may be to provide better public transport, facilities for environment-friendly modes like walk, cycle, cycle rickshaws, shuttle services etc., so that those who drive do not have to use their cars and bikes for everyday commutes to work, education etc. They would feel more relaxed by not having to drive, and would also make life better for those who already do walk or cycle.