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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

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Roshni Hassan among 40 finalists at Mrs India Earth 2016

GPlus | September 02, 2016 20:39 hrs

Following the footsteps of other successful women from the region, Roshni Hassan from Guwahati, a mother of a four year old child has enlisted herself among the finalists of Mrs India Earth 2016. Professionally a business woman, Roshni works with her father in his private construction firm. Mrs India happened coincidentally to Roshni after a friend insisted that she explore the pageant. Roshni, who has never been into modeling, was reluctant to take the step, but with constant encouragement from her husband, she went ahead. After completing multiple rounds of interviews, Roshni was announced as one of the 40 finalists. Participants included women from Indian origin from all over the globe. In a conversation with G Plus Roshni said, “Women have so much talent hidden inside them. It’s just that they don’t like to explore, especially after marriage, because wives are burdened with housework and childcare and toil away at home. Certain women do achieve their dreams with the support of their family. It’s high time for our society, especially the husbands, to support their wives in experimenting with their talents.” Talking about her experience in Mrs India Earth competition, Roshni said that there has not been any big hurdle in her journey so far. Having a very supportive husband and in-laws have helped her move ahead successfully so far. Commenting on our society, she said, “It’s true our society does not welcome such work. But we cannot blame all the people for just a few ones. There are people who support women and there are people who do not. I think, more than the society, it’s our family whose support we need the most to go further in life.” Roshni, who is competing against contestants from all over the globe, says that she is confident of her skills that can lead her to become the winner of the competition. “I am going to give my best to the competition, and also make sure I have fun. I am happy I will get to experiment on a global platform. I hope I can inspire women of our society to come out of their boundaries and showcase their talents”, she said. About the event: The grand finale of Mrs India Earth will be held on 30th September, at ITC WelcomHotel, Delhi. All the contestants of the show would be groomed by Mr Sandeep Marwah, Dr Varun Katyal, and other industry experts. Roshni would flaunt a traditional Assamese Mekhela Chador set during the traditional round of the show, which would be designed by Jyoti Kashmiri. Roshni is also being sponsored by BIOFIT, one of the gym and fitness centres of the city, for her upcoming event.
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