Senior Scribe Eve-Teased in Guwahati; JFA Demands Stern Action

Friday, 29 May 2020

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Senior Scribe Eve-Teased in Guwahati; JFA Demands Stern Action

G Plus News | February 15, 2020 12:28 hrs

GUWAHATI: A case of eve-teasing has been reported from Ambari area of Guwahati. A senior woman journalist was allegedly teased by a group of men from inside a parked car near the Guwahati Press Club earlier in the week. 

Following the incident the female scribe protested and she was about to take their photograph the miscreants sped away.

The incident happened when the journalist was walking towards her car, parked near the Press Club, after attending a function at the nearby Rabindra Bhawan.

Condemning the incident the Journalists’ Forum, Assam (JFA) demanded stern action against the culprits and called upon the government to ensure protection of women in the city.

"We are really shocked that the people inside the vehicle dared to verbally humiliate a journalist. It shows their audacity to target women anywhere and at any time as they perhaps believe that nobody can punish them," said JFA secretary Nava Thakuria.

The victim said that she has given a day's time to the accuse to apologize, failing which a complaint would be filed with the police.


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