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'Shillong Chamber Choir' Renders Special Service, Delivers Essentials for Needy

G Plus News | May 28, 2020 13:31 hrs

GUWAHATI: In a noble gesture, the Shillong Chamber Choir is meeting the needs of the elderly, the sick and others who cannot go out shopping in this difficult situation.

Shillong-based senior journalist, Patricia Mukhim, referring to Uncle’s Home Delivery - a lockdown special delivery service managed by the choir members, said that the choir members had converted their 800-square-feet practice hall in Shillong into a “warehouse” out of which groceries are being supplied to more than 500 families.

Speaking exclusively to G Plus from Shillong, Mukhim said, "For a certain section of people like us who cannot go out and buy our essentials, the Shillong Chamber Choir is providing daily ration at our doorsteps."

"The Shillong Chamber Choir lets us know what they have in stock and asks for the quantities that we want. Thereafter, they pack the stuff nicely with all preventive measures and deliver the same to us," she added.


Further, the members are also catering to six villages in the state’s Ri Bhoi district, supplying basic rations free of cost.

The service began with the supply of non-perishable items like rice, pulses and grains. The initiative later started extending meat and fish delivery too. While the members are in charge of the sourcing, managing, sanitising and packaging the supplies, a set of drivers and delivery persons have also been hired to complete the job. 

Notably, the choir members are sourcing vegetables from villagers who are being unable to sell their produce because of the lockdown.


Picture Credit: The Indian Express

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