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Shramik Trains Running Late Due to Congestion in Bihar and UP Railways, Says NFR

G Plus News | May 25, 2020 13:54 hrs

GUWAHATI: A Shramik Special Train that left for Dibrugarh from Pune on May 22 has not yet reached Guwahati even after 60 hours of journey.

Speaking to G Plus, passengers of the train complained of sudden halts after every 15 minutes and no proper supply of food and water on the train. 

"No sanitization has been done in the train since the time it started the journey. Many people from Ara and Barauni have boarded the train without tickets because they want to get down at different stations of Bihar. The situation doesn't seem safe for us," said a distressed passenger.

Commenting on the incident, an official of Northeastern Frontier Railway, told G Plus, "Even we have received similar complaints. Bihar railways are highly congested now. Per day 260 Shramik Special Trains are operating and 80 percent of these are destined to reach UP and Bihar. Due to congestion, the trains are running late. Around 15-20 trains are running in a single track."


Further, speaking about the lack of food and water supply to the passengers, he said, "Food is provided at the stations. But as trains are running late by 6 to 7 hours, we are facing a problem in providing them with food. We are constantly monitoring the movement of the trains. Now, the said train has departed from Begusarai and will hopefully be reaching Katihar in about 2 hours. Some food has already been provided and we will provide more once they reach our jurisdiction."


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