The Innovative Vehicle Designed By This Young Guy Can Run Both On Roads And Water

Saturday, 27 February 2021

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The Innovative Vehicle Designed By This Young Guy Can Run Both On Roads And Water

G Plus Digital Desk | August 19, 2017 17:09 hrs

A name that has been creating a lot of buzz of late, Nakul Sharma is a prodigious young innovator from Guwahati who took the streets of Guwahati by storm after he was seen riding his latest innovation - the WaLand. 

Born in Kharupetia, Mangaldoi, Nakul received his primary education from YWCA, Chatribari before moving to Faculty Higher Secondary School for further education. He did his Higher Secondary in the Science stream Hindustani Kendriya Vidyalaya. It was while he was in
12th standard that Nakul started working on what he calls an amphibian vehicle which could move on water as well as on land. 


Talking to G Plus about his innovation in detail, Nakul explained, “Every year Assam is badly affected by the disastrous floods during the monsoon season. And a lot of money is spent on the rescue missions. So, I came up with an idea of making an amphibian vehicle. I, along with my friends, started collecting old car and bike parts which could be re-used in my vehicle. The concept was to make a light weight car which could easily float on water and run on the streets.” 


Due to lack of funds he could not complete the model but made a prototype that costed less than Rs 30,000 to showcase its working. “I started building up my designs as I’d pictured them in my mind. Firstly, I made the chassis of the vehicle which had to be strong as well as light in weight. Thereafter, I took an engine of a 180 cc old motorbike and fixed it to the chassis. Then I fixed tyres and other parts of the vehicle - like wirings - to make it run. My concept was to make it float with a rubber tube fixed with four air blowers beneath the chassis of the vehicle and a propeller behind it to drive the vehicle on water with the steering connected to the propeller to give it direction on water.”



At the young age of 20, Nakul has much to his credit. The WaLand isn’t his first innovation; he has been associated with or has come up with such innovations earlier as well. He devised a smart switch - a mobile application that lets one operate any electrical component from a phone, no matter how far away they are. Another creative innovation of his was an electric cycle that could charge itself while running. The list doesn’t end here; Nakul’s passion for innovation has led to some tremendous contribution in the field of Science. 


While pursuing a course in German Language from Surat, Nakul applied in European Universities and he’s recently been selected to study B.Tech. in Automotive Engineering from Vilnius, Lithuania on the basis of his previous projects and personal interview. He is leaving on 19th August. “I am going to Europe to learn more in the field of automotive engineering so that when I come back after 4 years, I can work on the final model and make it available in the market,” informed Nakul.


Nakul’s work has gained recognition far and wide. He has recently been accorded the award for the most talented young inventor at the National Science Fair conducted by Cotton University. He credits his success to his parents saying, “I would like to thank them for their love and support and for believing in me throughout. I wish more people from the northeast come up with ideas and innovations to help the region progress.” 


Nakul Sharma with the WaLand

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