These LED Balloon Lights illuminate Guwahati after Sundown!

Wednesday, 08 July 2020

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These LED Balloon Lights illuminate Guwahati after Sundown!

G Plus News | September 04, 2018 12:18 hrs

If you walk or drive through the Dispur circle, there is no chance that you'd miss the lit up LED bubble balloons illuminating the entire area. These balloons seem to be catching everyone’s attention.

The balloons are sold by people who have traveled from Rajasthan and arrived in Guwahati sometime last month. These groups of people have settled below Ganeshguri and Sixmile Flyovers and work on these balloons there. Their materials come from Mumbai.

The balloons are tied with LED strips which run on basic AA batteries. A single balloon comes at the cost of Rs 120-Rs 130, but depending on your bargaining skills, you might get it for Rs 90.

The balloons are being sold at Bhangagarh Bus Stop, ABC Traffic Point, Ganeshguri Bus Stop, and Dispur Circle.

To watch the video click here and see how LED Balloons are Illuminating Guwahati City

"We make these balloons during the daytime and sell them after evening. Each of us gets at least 15-20 customers per day. The balloons are a big hit among the small children. Even couples are very common. People love this new thing in the city," said one of the sellers to G Plus.

This group of people plans to stay in Guwahati till Diwali and is thinking of getting new products in the city.


LED Balloon Lights illuminate Guwahati

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