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Traffic diversion announced in city for Republic Day

G Plus Digital Desk | January 25, 2018 13:41 hrs

DCP Traffic, Amanjeet Kaur has announced a diversion in traffic, and parking management on 26th January 2018, around the Veterinary College Field, Khanapara on the occasion of Republic day celebration.

Diversion of vehicles

During the programme, movement of all heavy commercial goods carrying vehicles coming towards Guwahati through National Highways 31 and 37 will be regulated as and when necessary on the following places for the safety of the general public on the roads: 

  • Khetri, Sonapur, Byrnihat and Jorabat 
  • Jalukbari, Amingaon and Bongara (City border)

Diversion around the venue:

  • Vehicles with “RED, BLUE and YELLOW passes” shall be allowed to move upto Koinadhara point either via GS Road, Khanapara Rotary and NH 37 or via Assam Rifle building (IG Prison office gate) point and park at the earmarked places. 
  • No vehicle shall be allowed entry from the Research Gate point or Koinadhara point to Museum point. 
  • From Science Museum point to Koinadhara point, only the vehicles with “RED passes” will be allowed entry. 
  • Commercial goods carrying vehicles shall NOT be allowed to ply on GS Road from Khanapara to Sixmile.
  • The public coming by vehicles “WITHOUT VEHICLE PASS” to attend the function from Dispur, Beltola, Noonmati, Narengi side will be allowed to park vehicles either at on roadside from Khanapara flyover ending point towards Greenwood Resort or to bring vehicles via Sixmile and Joyanagar chariali point upto Assam Administrative Staff College Gate. 
  • The public coming by vehicles from Basistha Chariali side to the venue may move via NH–37 upto Koinadhara point and park on southern service road of NH 37.

No Parking:     

  • The stretch of the National Highway 37 from Koinadhara point to Khanapara rotary 
  • From Koinadhara point to I.G. Prison office (Assam Rifle building) point.
  • From the AASC Gate to the Research Gate point. 
  • GS Road, B. Barooah Road, GNB Road, KLB Road and MG Road. 

Parking arrangements for vehicles of invitees, media, public etc. in and around the field:

  • Main cars of the Invitees / Pass Holders will be parked at the earmarked place.
  • Vehicles of police officers / security personnel / parade contingents / cultural troupes etc. are to be parked on the road along Veterinary College campus wall or on the road from the AASC gate to Joyanagar. 
  • Vehicles of public (WITHOUT PASSES) will be parked from the AASC gate to Joyanagar, Ganesh Mandir Indoor Stadium complex and Khanapara Point, Service Roads on National Highway 37.

Preparations for Republic Day going on at Khanapara Field | G Plus Photo

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