Traffic Restrictions Imposed for India Vs Sri Lanka T20 Match on Jan 5

Sunday, 27 September 2020

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Traffic Restrictions Imposed for India Vs Sri Lanka T20 Match on Jan 5

G Plus News | January 03, 2020 16:04 hrs

GUWAHATI: In view of the T-20 International Cricket match between India and Sri Lanka on 5th January, 2020, the following are the arrangements made for the smooth traffic operation in the city.

The city traffic police have made arrangements for parking the four wheeler and two wheeler of the spectators. 

Public Entry Points:

The spectators and general public can reach the Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Cricket Stadium, Barsapara through the follo

wing routes - 

a. via AK Azad Road from Paltanbazar, Ulubari towards Cricket Stadium. 

b. via AK Deb Road from Gorchuk Chariali on National Highway 37 towards Cricket Stadium 

c. via AK Deb Road from Bharalumukh towards Cricket Stadium. 

d. via AK Azad road from Lokhra 

Parking Arrangements:

Vehicles coming via AK Deb Road

I. Datalpara field 

2. Champawati field 

3. Ganeshpara field 

4. Rangpathar field 

5. GMC field 

6. One side Parallel parking on AK Dev road from Dherenpara Tiniali to Ganeshpara Field. 

Vehicles coming via AK Azad Road 

1. Arya College field 

2. Birubari ITI field

3. Lutuma Field

4. Saukuchi Budhboria Bazar area

5. Pandukan field 

6. Parallel parking from Lalganesh point to Saukuchi (One side parking)

7. Parallel parking between Cycle factory to Barsapara point (One side parking)

Restrictions / Diversions:

No Entry Restrictions 

I. Barsapara road from Barsapara Tiniali (AK Azad road) to Dhirepara Tinali (AK Deb road) will be one way for vehicles having car passes. Vehicles will not be allowed entry from AK Deb road. 

2. All types of commercial vehicles will be restricted both on the AK Deb Road and AK Azad Road from 08.00 am till the match is over at 10:00 PM.

3. No entry from Lalaganesh to Barsapara. Only vehicles having passes will be allowed entry.

No Parking: 

The following roads are declared as 'No Parking Zones'. 

I. Barsapara road from Barsapara Tiniali to Dhirenpara Tiniali. 

2. AK Azad road from Lalganesh point upto Barsapara Tiniali

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