Twitter launches new Prototype App ‘twttr’
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Twitter launches new Prototype App ‘twttr’

G Plus News | March 13, 2019 12:40 hrs

GUWAHATI: Twitter launched a new prototype application, ‘twttr’ on March 11 to its first group of testers. The app is a way by which the company can try out new ideas outside of its existing public network, gain feedback from testers and develop new features based on its learnings. 

In the beginning stages, the app will focus on testing new designs for conservations. The prototype app will show a different format for replies where conversations will have a more rounded chat-like shape so they are easier to follow along. Engagements, sharing options and other tweet details remain hidden in order to simplify reading. 

The different replies are also color-coded to differentiate from the original poster as Twitter users one follows. 

TechCrunch has reported that over time, Twitter may use the prototype app to test out other changes it wants to make in its original app. 

Twitter has mentioned that not everyone will be accepted to the prototype-app testing program and only a few thousand English and Japanese speakers will be invited as long as they follow Twitter’s rule. 

The availability of the app is based on invitation only, but users can submit their applications to be eligible to try and use the prototype app. 


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