Upcoming Census To Be Conducted With Mobile App: Amit Shah

Thursday, 01 October 2020

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Upcoming Census To Be Conducted With Mobile App: Amit Shah

G Plus News | September 23, 2019 18:03 hrs

GUWAHATI: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has announced that for the upcoming Census in 2021, a mobile application will be the main source of data collection. 

Shah said that this step is being taken to boost the government’s digitisation efforts. 

Based on a report by FirstPost, the Centre will most likely spend Rs. 12,000 crore on the 2021 Census and for the preparation of the National Population Register (NPR). 

This announcement

coincides with the announcement made by officials of the Registrar General of India which stated that for the first time in the country’s 140-year history of Census, the 2021 data collection will be done through a mobile app and enumerators will be encouraged to use their own phone. 

It should be noted that India’s last census was carried out in 2011 when India’s population was recorded at 121 crore. 

In March this year, the government stated that the next census will be conducted on March 1, 2021 as the reference date. 


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