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Sunday, 24 January 2021

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Uruka Spirit on a High Despite Exorbitant Prices and Pandemic

G Plus News | January 13, 2021 13:49 hrs

GUWAHATI: It's Uruka again, a day for feasting and celebration across Assam. Going by traditions, Guwahatians were seen thronging the various markets, especially the fish markets, right from the early hours of the day.

Although sellers claim that customers are relatively less due to the high prices and the pandemic, a stroll across any market in Guwahati is sure to lifts one's spirit given the prevailing festive fervour.

As for prices, those of fish
es like Sitol, Borali, Rou and Bhokua were, at best, exorbitant in the early morning, around 4 am, especially in Uzan Bazar ghat. But as the day is advancing, the prices have subsided. Yet depending on the variety to the size of a fish, prices are ranging from Rs. 400-500 per kg to about Rs. 35,000 for a whole fish!

A proud Assamese, speaking to G Plus said, "Last year was very sad and full of negativity. We have all lost a lot. It is a new year now and the first Bihu. Keeping up with traditions and hopes for a better year ahead we should all celebrate Bhogali."

"The prices are high, but isn't that the reason most of us wait a whole year to eat the best fish, irrespective of cost for Uruka? I have purchased a 5 kg Sitol for the entire family. We also have Rou, mutton and duck for the feast," he added.

Also, many Guwahatians were seen shopping two to three days prior to Uruka as the prices on the festive day is usually much higher than normal and people this year are struggling with limited budgets. 

Apart from the regular market, Fishfed Rupnagar is also selling about 2,500 kgs of local fish at discounted prices. Another 5,000 kgs have been sold in the other markets as well by Fishfed.

Some customers are reluctant to buy broiler chicken due to the prevailing bird-flu situation. However, that has not prevented most from buying broiler chicken. Also the market for duck has increased alongside that of pork.

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