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GPlus | January 06, 2017 16:31 hrs

This is the time for parties and everyone is gearing up to welcome the New Year after Christmas. With proper application of Vaastu and FengShui, these celebrations can be made joyous and successful.    Since the main entrance is the entry point for energy, this must be kept neat and clean and well decorated. It is said that the gods of prosperity like it when the main door and the house are kept tidy. It is a Hindu custom to hang mango leaves inscribed with religious words on a thread over the main door. A tortoise in the centre of the house facing north ensures stability and gives strength. For entrances at north, avoid using red, purple and orange colours and triangular designs. Use blue colour and a wavy design and keep your wealth, prosperity and opportunities intact. The use of the cream colour is good for northeast. To increase the flow of money, place flowers in a green flower vase or a money plant in a blue vase at North.   Feng Shui believes in activating the five elements for success of celebrations like New Year parties or events. Flower petals are kept in a glass or metallic bowl full of water with a few pebbles or coins and a floating oil lamp or candle in it. Petals represent the wood element. Glass and pebbles represent the earth element. Metallic container and coins represent the metal element with the candle or lamp representing the fire element. You can see this being kept in the lobby of many hotels, shopping malls, etc.    Stay updated on the go with GPlus News. Click here to download the app for your device.    
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