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Saturday, 26 September 2020

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Virat Kohli’s gym chain, Chisel, opens in Guwahati

GPlus | July 30, 2016 19:37 hrs

The local franchise of India’s Test captain Virat Kohli’s chain of gyms and fitness centres, Chisel, was inaugurated near Dighalipukhuri on Saturday by popular Assamese actress Nishita Goswami in presence of Founder and Directors at Chisel, Satya Sinha and Dr. Shardul Sinha. The brand, jointly owned by Kohli, opened the Guwahati centre at Amazing Grace, Dighalipukhuri with Franchise Partner and Director at Swagatam Fitness, Mr. Bhaskarjyoti Das. Commenting on the launch through a vi

deo message, Virat Kohli, who is now leading Team India in the West Indies, said, “I welcome you all to our new Chisel Fitness Centre at Guwahati. Get ready to experience 'Never Stop fitness'. Stay inspired, join us to stay fit throughout the year.” Commenting on the launch, Founder & Director at Chisel, Satya Sinha said, “Chisel is the first Indian brand to deliver diverse, new-age, and innovative fitness programs which are out of the box and clutter breaking from other fitness programs in the market. We are happy that we could bring the brand to Guwahati. We hope that the city would Never Stop and embrace fitness regime as done by Virat Kohli.” Stressing this, popular film actress Nishita Goswami said, “There are still many people who make New Year resolutions but never actually land up at a gym. I would advise such non-committal people to take their fitness seriously. Everyone should adopt a fitness regime that suits their daily routine; they will soon experience a positive change impacting their overall lifestyle. The key message is – you should Never Stop.”
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