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Thursday, 21 January 2021

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Water Level along Brahmaputra recedes - still not below the danger line

GPlus | July 30, 2016 16:37 hrs

According to reports, the water level of the Brahmaputra river along the city has receded since yesterday. The administration is however closely monitoring the situation. The Brahmaputra is still above the danger mark of 49.68 metre along Guwahati and is still a threat to the low-lying areas. “So the water level is going down and we are hoping for the best. If there is no heavy rainfall in the upstream areas, then we can expect the decreasing trend to continue. However, the situation may
again turn bad if there are heavy showers in Upper or Central Assam or even in the city tomorrow or thereafter,” said an official. The Assam floods hit over 15 lakh people and over 21,000 people across 52 villages of Kamrup (M). SDRF, NDRF and the Army were involved in rescue operations and ensured delivery of relief materials including rice, dal and other essential items. Dr. M Angamuthu, DC of Kamrup (M) visited Umananda Temple and took stock of the situation. He was accompanied by River Police, NDRF and SDRF officials on a rubber boat. All routes to the island were cut off owing to the water level of the Brahmaputra. The priests have been offered medical check up.  Veterinarians will also conduct a health check up for the animals especially the Golden Langurs on the island. 
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