Women Welfare Wing of AAI Makes Masks for the Needy

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

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Women Welfare Wing of AAI Makes Masks for the Needy

G Plus News | April 07, 2020 18:35 hrs

GUWAHATI: Kalyanmayee, the women welfare wing of AAI, are preparing masks which will be distributed free of cost to the needy. 

The wing includes female employees and the family members of AAI and have been engaged in making these masks since March 30.  

Kalyanmayee members at Guwahati and other NER airports are collecting unused cloth, bed sheets and similar materials for making these masks. 

They have targeted to prepare around 10,000 masks that
are to be distributed almost for free to the needy ones including domestic helps, cleaning staff, security guards, taxi drivers, e-rickshaw drivers, hawkers etc.

About 3,000 masks have already been stocked with the AAI which have been prepared by the self-help groups.

The AAI, NorthEastern Region is also using old unutilized uniform clothes.

Through this initiative, AAI wishes to provide employment opportunity to the self- help groups. The masks are being made at minimum cost and two masks are provided to each person.

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