Works in Tea Gardens Resume Today, State Govt Issues Strict Guidelines

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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Works in Tea Gardens Resume Today, State Govt Issues Strict Guidelines

Barasha Das | April 12, 2020 12:34 hrs

GUWAHATI: The State Government has finally  permitted the tea industry to resume activities after almost 20 days of complete lockdown.

As such district authorities of 21 districts of the state have permitted the tea gardens under their respective jurisdictions to resume operations.

While some districts will start the process of skiffing from the 11th April, the remaining others will begin operations from 13th April.

Authorities have also issued guidelines as per the COVID-19 protocol and permission to operate will be withdrawn for any garden found violating these guidelines.

Further only 50 percent of the labourers will be allowed to work, and only those that are willing to do so may work.

It has to be mentioned that due to the lockdown, the tea industry had lost the second flush, that is , the second round of plucking the tea buds, that has to be skiffed off now. 

Reportedly, the buds of this time of the year produces some of the finest products, which are usually exported. As such the already battered industry stares at huge loses. 

It has to be mentioned that, although permissions have been granted to resume all operations, the tea gardens have to wait for another two to three weeks for the regrowth of the buds after the process of skiffing is completed.

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