Zubeen writes open letter to ULFA

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

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Zubeen writes open letter to ULFA

G Plus News | May 20, 2019 11:10 hrs

GUWAHATI: Zubeen Garg on social media wrote an open letter to the United Liberation Front of Assam, Independent (ULFA-I) and called out for peace.

In his letter Zubeen wrote, " I need a revolution. I need a revolution of change. Killing innocent people will not result in anything fruitful. Fear cannot build a nation. Labour can. Hard work can. 

Teach our kids how to cultivate. Teach them how to grow seeds out of nothing. Teach them how to shape their dreams.  If you want to build something, build Majuli! If you want to destroy something, destroy the threats roaming over Kaziranga! 

I need a revolution to fight back against flood. I need a revolution that will make us part of the mainstream. 

Freedom is all about standing on your own. You cannot be free in fear. Chaos can bring no change.

We are a nation because of the people. If there is no one left alive, where do we stand?

I have fought against terrorism. 

Terrorism can never give a meaning to your rights. Education can. Development can. Progress can. 

Every man is an artist, and every artist stands with peace. I am a messenger of peace and labour. Let us work, let us dream, let us touch a sky that is wide and clear!

Let our kids grow in peace, let us live. There is no justice after death."

For the letter, the singing sensation has garnered over 7.4 K reactions from his fans and followers.

This letter came out after ULFA-I claimed responsibility of the grenade blast that took place at one of the busiest areas of the city on May 15.


(L) Zubeen Garg (R) Open letter to ULFA

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