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Guwahati Theatre Festival


G Plus – Guwahati’s own English Weekly, through its all-colour 24 pages that carry in-depth details and analyses of Guwahati’s latest news and stories apart from regular features on important national and world affairs, health, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle etc. has made itself special to its readers and patrons, week after week for the last 4 years. G Plus has always been involved in interactive programs like G Plus Ward Talks, Guwahati Theatre Festival and The Guwahati Food Awards.

The Guwahati Theatre Festival aims to showcase world-class performances with quality entertainment, working towards becoming a prestigious landmark in the cultural landscape of Guwahati.

Theatre is an art form that brings people together to celebrate, challenge and provoke through the telling of stories. Theatre is live, and in the present world art is consumed through live-streams, computers and so on. The city life and its habits miss that extraordinary atmosphere, the intrinsic beauty of the art-form and sense of grounding and presence that theatre gives.

The idea of the festival is to bring a spectrum of plays from all over India to allow audiences in Guwahati to get a feel of how production works and what kind of innovation are taking place in the outside theatres which are not from Assam. The one-of-a-kind event aims to provide a platform in the region for diverse range of world class performing groups, local as well as national, to showcase their performances amongst new audiences infusing freshness and vivacity. The annual festival, now in its third year, visions to create a dynamic platform bringing new and dynamic voices and performances to the stage.

The festival has fulfilled the avid appetite of the city to experience and understand the relevance of theatre; in context of our human relationships, culture and stereotypes.


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