A Requiem to Ajay Chetia

Thursday, 25 February 2021



A Requiem to Ajay Chetia

Swapnil Bharali | December 25, 2017 13:39 hrs

A peek through the usually open door of my cabin at my workplace had, so far, allowed me the wholesome sight of four young minds busy peering into their monitors, mouse in hand, at what we term as the creative/layout desk. It had become a habit with me and one of them missing from his chair would invariably make me raise questions about his whereabouts. 

But today, this same habit of mine struck home rather grievously because I somehow know the whereabouts of Ajay Chetia and yet I absolutely do not. If I am to ever question the sense of equity and justice of God, it is now. That Saturday of revelry, at the picnic, turned into the ultimate tragedy and we lost Ajay to the uncertain vagaries of nature only to fish his lifeless mortal remains out from the rivulet where, moments ago, he had gone for a swim with his other friends in the mellow afternoon sunshine at Hahim.

For all that I had observed of Ajay during the last 4 months or so that we have been associated as colleagues, he came across as a fine young man naturally empowered as a great graphic designer. He presented the cleanest of designs; and each presentation had its own jaw-dropping elements. His flyers, hoarding designs, brochures et al had that unmistakable and inimitable Ajay Chetia touch across our various internal campaigns and client’s work.

And yet, young Ajay was humility personified to the point of being apologetic about his endowments. All he did was spread good cheer within the office through his work rather than with his utterances. Today, as we at Insight Brandcom wish him good bye for his better space in this universe, and with a sense of regret that I couldn’t get these lines flowing earlier given the shocking nature of the incident, all I can do is quote a line from a band that Ajay and I were mutually so fond of, The Scorpions: Ajay, there’s no one like you!

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