A ‘slap’ on Assamese hospitality

Tuesday, 19 January 2021



A ‘slap’ on Assamese hospitality

Swapnil Bharali | June 08, 2019 11:46 hrs

The silliest city news of the week was the Hotel Shoolin Grand rooftop restaurant customer-bashing outrage. Apparently, the restaurant is called Da Vue and it is a totally separate business entity whereby the hotel’s management doesn’t hold any authority over its functioning. And so, it came as quite a surprise initially that while the hotel itself has been making quite a name for itself with its excellent food, ambience etc, a restaurant on its premises has made headlines for the prime reason that can be absolutely wrong in the hospitality sector – flexing muscles at your customer.

While the incident can be summarily dismissed as a one-off meltdown (actually, in the case of Da Vue, this is the second; about a year ago there was a similar occurrence with another set of patrons), in the broad spectrum of Assam being projected as a great tourist destination with Guwahati being the gateway, the Da Vue bash up is either a black blotch on the image of Assam or simply a corroboration of that famous tag line “Naturally Wild.” I mean, what were these waiters of the restaurant thinking when they decided to do what they did? Weren’t they trained on how to offer service in the hospitality sector? Or are they naturally so wild that they had no qualms whatsoever for the most respectable entity on their premises that evening – their customer?

The incident is essentially an indicator to all and sundry – both in the government and private sector of tourism – that Guwahati clearly has untrained people who do not know how to extend warmth and hospitality to a patron seeking a paid service. And at certain times, I am afraid, this lack of reverence for the customers extends beyond Guwahati where instances of complaints against deficiency of service in hotels and resorts have resulted in defamation cases being slapped on those very customers. And yet, it seems, with public memory being short and with the needful palms greased, business goes on as usual with the same hospitality establishments attracting newer customers who have no clue about the sordid past. 

This cannot and should not go on if Assam has to make its mark on the tourism map of the country. A customer is happy only when he or she feels that the money spent was worth it. And slapping customers is not the way certainly!

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    Sir, I actually didn't even get your retro style way of tagging something over a restaurant. That was actually not a authentic way to create such a havoc. How to people even survive? Damn!!