Apps: New Avenues Of Employment

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Apps: New Avenues Of Employment

Bishaldeep Kakati | August 17, 2019 16:34 hrs

“I’m a graduate from a reputed university, but the sad fact is that I could not find any jobs to get myself employed. Life was quite difficult, till the apps over the internet came to my rescue. I’m now designated as a ‘Captain’ and I happily carry passengers from one destination to another.” 

This statement came from a “Rapido Captain,” who is today busy serving people and earning his livelihood. In fact, the good news is that in this era, where unemployment has become a major concern, conscious citizens are now slowly finding out ways to curb the ill-effects of unemployment. However, the credit for this must of course be given to the proper use of internet by some innovative persons.

In the current scenario, the unemployment issue of India has left the government in a quandary where it is finding it difficult to come up with the best solutions. In fact, according to an article of India Today dated May 31, 2019, it stated that the National Sample Survey Office’s (NSSO) job survey for 2017-18 had shown a spike in the unemployment rate by over 6 percent, a 45-year high. But the report was not released by the government which termed it as a draft report. But if by any means this report turns out to be true, then we might have to conclude that India might be facing her worst nightmare in terms of unemployment in the upcoming years. 

However in this very critical juncture, unemployed individuals are getting some sort of respite, especially because they are getting this unique opportunity to earn money and manage a livelihood without much difficulty or fuss. The effectiveness of using internet the right way has even given a ray of hope to the unemployed individuals, and directly or indirectly, it has also revamped their desperate conditions.

The unique concept of coming up with one or the other life changing employment-based app over the internet has been a real game changer. And these apps have turned out to be a boon both for the denizens wanting to enjoy its services, the companies introducing the same and also for those middle persons who are actually helping the denizens to enjoy the comfortable services that these apps provide. Thus when people wanted services to arrive for them at a single click, technology fulfilled their desires, and while doing so it also acted as a mode of employment for many individuals. 

Moreover, in the present context, almost every individual possesses an android device and it is not at all a herculean task to download an app from the app store present in their mobile phones. Thus the good thing is that from eating to traveling; now everything is available at one’s doorsteps within minutes. 

However, amidst all these, one thing that the concerned citizens have probably forgotten is the very fact that these apps have not only made lives easier but also have given employment to thousands. Especially for a country like India, apps like Ola, Uber, Rapido, Zomato, Swiggy etc have opened the floodgates of employment for many. And to understand the importance of these apps regarding employment, we might simply take the example of Guwahati, where, on a daily basis, we witness hundreds of individuals getting employed over these apps, earning a livelihood by simply providing service. Thus, in short, we can simply say that these apps, in a very short juncture, have actually refurbished the unemployment scenario of the country to quite an extent.

Furthermore, the palpable fact is that because of the operation of these apps, almost every individual possessing a two-wheeler now simply doesn’t gossip around tea stalls about their insecure future, but put their hard work in earning higher incomes via these apps, thus giving their best to secure their lifestyles. However, although for a certain section of society, these jobs via the apps are not at all secure, they can never deny the fact that these apps have turned out to be a blessing for all those unemployed individuals who were actually reeling earlier.

This entire deliberation would remain incomplete, if we do not bring into conversation the app called YouTube, which has been actually paving the path of earning since years. In YouTube, an individual can simply put videos of things or stuffs that he or she adores - be it videos of cooking or traveling - by opening his or her own channel. If such those videos become successful in engaging the crowd, YouTube offers the individual monetary benefits based on certain terms and conditions. And the success stories of YouTubers are something that is known to one and all.

In a scenario, where getting a good job is not at all easy, these apps have opened opportunities of employment for hundreds. Hence, we have to be indeed thankful to these apps for improving our lifestyles, whether by providing us good services or by simply giving us scopes of employment. In the current context, it won’t be wrong if we say that these apps have actually revamped the living conditions of the burgess.

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