Blocking the Flowing Contamination

Tuesday, 19 January 2021



Blocking the Flowing Contamination

Swapnil Bharali | November 09, 2019 14:42 hrs

In the name of a religious festival namely, Brahmaputra Pushkar, the Bharalu River – the city’s premier drainage channel for all practical purposes – has been blocked at its mouth. As per media reports, this is to ensure that all the contamination from the Bharalu does not flow into the Brahmaputra because devotees will be taking their religious dips in the mighty river.

G Plus has been forever reporting with a great deal of concern about the deteriorating condition of the Bharalu River with regard to its contamination. Its water is simply black, period. And while leaving alone the fact that we have never seen any steps being taken to clean up the channel, there have never been any awareness programmes worth recalling by the administration to make people understand the filthiness of the situation. It has always been a case of sweeping the dirt under the carpet.

Today however, when it has come to another river festival – despite the disaster of Namami Brahmaputra – the Bharalu’s blockage before it merges with the Brahmaputra unofficially declares it to be so contaminated that it would defile the “religious purity” of the devotees. 

Now, we as citizens need to be really concerned about this blocking. The Bharalu, despite its contamination, at least keeps flowing and the pollutants go out of the city through the Brahmaputra. The deliberate block has made the channel a virtually stagnant water body with all the contaminants ready to wreak havoc in the localities that constitute the channel’s banks. The stagnant water has every chance of its level rising as much as the water percolating the channel’s banks or seeping into the ground and seriously messing up with the ground water of the city – something that virtually the entire city is dependent on for its water consumption purposes. Now, if this isn’t deliberately making a bigger mess of an already messy situation, what is?

It often makes me wonder what and how this government is considering its priorities to be. Somehow, in the whole scheme of things, public good and welfare often takes a backseat and religious ideologies based on superstition takes over. The pros and cons of a particular situation are somehow never weighed in the right perspective. What exact good the Brahmaputra Pushkar festival will bring is beyond me. But the bad is very clear with contamination being thrust upon us deliberately.

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