Corruption no more fashionable


Corruption no more fashionable

Swapnil Bharali | November 22, 2017 15:48 hrs

As a layman pondering, I kind of felt that Guwahati had seen a phase in time when it was fashionable to be corrupt. The more you flaunted your ill-gotten wealth, the more upfront respect you got from all and sundry. And you just had to develop that thick skin to ignore the backbiting.

Given the way things are panning out now, being corrupt has lost its sheen it seems. APSC, DIPR, Construction Workers’ Welfare Board et al – people are being hauled up from all over by the Chief Minister’s Vigilance Cell for their sins of commission done when things were rosier and more favourable. Not bad, I say, on behalf of all of us who are slogging to eke out an honourable living. In fact, this is something worth celebrating.

The point of concern is the selective nature of corruption cleansing that is being carried out. Selective because no politician seems to be involved in any of these scams that have so far surfaced – an unbelievably clean bunch we have it seems. Selective because some scams where some current political heavyweights are supposedly involved have been conveniently forgotten for the moment and would hopefully surface under a different political dispensation several years later when it is payback time. These politically motivated arrests however have sent out a strong signal of the image that Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal wants to project about himself – that of zero tolerance towards corruption. And that is something that deserves applause.

In the context of things however, the strangely inconsistent working styles of the Indian judicial system where the apex court has supposedly granted anticipatory bail to the major “beneficiary” of the DIPR scam even as the Gauhati High Court has awarded police custody to the Director of Information & Public Relations and the minor “beneficiaries” leaves one in askance if all is right with our governance. The major beneficiary managed to remain absconding until his tall connections in New Delhi allowed him to secure his freedom.

All said and done, our only hope is that justice prevails and the final verdicts send out the welcome message that being corrupt is no longer fashionable and it is best not to be greedy.

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