Democracy Sans Vibrancy

Monday, 18 January 2021



Democracy Sans Vibrancy

Swapnil Bharali | November 22, 2020 13:14 hrs

As a media person seeking a vibrant democracy (that includes the true guarantee of the fundamental rights laid down in the Constitution of India), the current political trends are a tad worrying, nay very worrying actually. 

A vibrant democracy actually comes from a strong opposition in the government – be it in a state-level or at the Centre. A lively debate in the assembly/parliament or strong opposition to any strong-arm tactics of the government allows the media the desired freedom of expression and the allowance to play a proactive role in the matters of the nation.

Sadly, the current situation in Assam, at the cusp of its next elections, is far from even remotely vibrant. The state is already in the grip of elections with the same having been announced for the Bodoland Territorial Council which goes to poll on 7th December next. From all that is visible on regular AV media and thereafter digital media, there seems to be only one party – the BJP – holding emotional and political sway over the Bodo votes. If this is the situation in what is supposed to be the stronghold of the local Bodo parties, the same is no different in the rest of Assam which will hold elections in 2021.

Now, who to blame for this? None but the Congress Party and the bad governance it has meted out over those decades that it held power and got so used to it that today it has no idea what needs to be done to win an election again. And with its poor political imagination currently on display, it won’t have any idea for a long time to come despite all the infrastructure, party structure and the little bit of loyalty that it still commands from its members. It is a different matter whether that loyalty is for the party or for the family that it refers to as the “high command.” Fact remains that they still continue to be recognised as “Congressis.”

And so, this lack of imagination has made the party so paranoid that it has started pandering to anti-national forces merely to make small dents in the BJP’s formidable hide – something that will hardly cause any great itch. The sad part is that in the process, the Congress is losing its political credibility at a rapid rate and doing our most respected democracy great harm besides shaming the nation in front of the world community.

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