Flipside of the Gunotsav exercise

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Flipside of the Gunotsav exercise

Swapnil Bharali | November 10, 2018 18:10 hrs

A follower of G Plus from Guwahati, who also happens to be a good friend of mine, had to visit the Kazaringa Circle Office for some work related to his plot of land that happens to be located within the jurisdiction of that Circle. A fair bit of coordination was required because his mother-in-law, who stays in a town of upper Assam and who happens to be the co-owner of the plot, had to also time her arrival at the Kaziranga Circle Office concurrently with my friend. While they matched their arrival to perfection taking for granted the fact that the Circle Officer would obviously be available since it was a normal working day, they were in for a shock on learning that the situation was quite the contrary. Why? No, the Circle Officer wasn’t ill or anything but was busy with Gunotsav work thrust on her at the expense of her regular duties. My poor friend’s schedules went completely haywire and last heard, he was whining to the point of wailing at the precious loss of his time and effort.


Guwahati’s situation with the recent Gunotsav (Phase II) activities was no different with various government personnel pressed into Gunotsav duty at the expense of their regular work. Professors of various colleges had to cancel their regular classes for days at a stretch to complete their evaluations of government-run schools under Gunotsav.


The point of concern here is the suffering of regular work at government offices when such exercises are undertaken. Prior to this was the NRC exercise that picked up solid pace towards the end of July last so as to meet the strict deadline set by the Supreme Court of India. With many government officials pressed into meeting the deadline, especially at the circle office level, regular work went for a toss which meant that land transfers, flat or apartment registrations, land demarcation work, etc could not be done until the circle office personnel got “free” from their NRC workload.


The government trying to evaluate its schools through an elaborate initiative is a good thing to do. After all, education is of paramount importance. But the current situation definitely calls for a mechanism whereby regular business in government offices does not take a backseat. Hope the government gives this a thought.

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