GTF – Guwahati’s Tallest Cultural Edifice

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GTF – Guwahati’s Tallest Cultural Edifice

Swapnil Bharali | November 30, 2019 14:51 hrs

Come December and Guwahati’s most awaited cultural landmark will be on show once again – for the 4th year in succession. Well, December is coming tomorrow, but the annual G Plus Guwahati Theatre Festival (GTF) 2019 is scheduled for 6th-8th December at Pragjyoti ITA Machkhowa with three massively popular plays from the Mumbai theatre circuit.

I had the occasion to announce the festival at a press conference a few days ago and basked in the media’s congratulatory words about managing to bring in the 4th successive edition despite the huge challenges that holding the festival poses. Through this editorial, I want to thank the entire media fraternity for being so cooperative, sympathetic and kind to our efforts in this annual venture of ours and hereby express my gratitude for the wide publicity that it has given on various print and television media.

The major challenge about GTF is meeting the costs involved. And these are high by any standards. Ferrying the performing teams from Mumbai by air, taking care of their accommodation and hospitality, food and transportation, remuneration for their delightful performances, costs involving hall rent, stage sets, lights and sound, et al make for a huge budget that often seems daunting to the organising team at G Plus. The proposition becomes tougher when enough sponsorship is not garnered which ultimately dissolves into keeping the tickets somewhat pricey. This factor is often misconstrued as us catering only to the elitist section of the Guwahatian society. But that simply is not the fact of the matter. It is pure economic constraints and our dire need to cover our costs (at least) that pushes the prices of tickets to the levels at which we are selling. On a very serious note, it would have been delightful for us to bring down the prices of the tickets and each successive year hereafter, we hope we can figure out ways and means to do so.

Whatever be the case, the GTF has come to establish itself as the most prestigious cultural edifice of the city and it is important for us, the creators of this edifice, to ensure that it stands tall and erect in the years to come. For the moment dear readers, soak yourself in the delights of great theatre over the next weekend and we assure you it’ll be another festival to cherish.

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