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Guwahati Adda

Sidharth Bedi Varma | December 29, 2018 11:27 hrs


Happy New Year ke Resolutions – ek fake katha!


Enthusiastic ladka: Eyy Happy New Year!

Balanced dost: Thanks man same to you

Enthusiastic ladka: And belated Merry Christmas!

Balanced dost: Ou thanks, to you too!

Enthusiastic ladka: So… What are your New Year plans?

Balanced dost: Nothing much. Possibly staying in, keeping it low-key.

Enthusiastic ladka: And… what about your New Year resolutions?

Balanced dost: Well, nothing much. I think I’ve been keeping stuff very balanced. Not really looking to make revolutionary decisions in my life.

Enthusiastic ladka:*gawking* how can you say that? Abey, olop intense resolutions lobo lage otherwise life is just dull. I’ll tell you mine…

First, I’ll wake up early everyday this year; work out and lose about 20 kilos. Also, I promise to touch mom’s feet every morning and offer God my prayers. I will not stay up late nights and fiddle with my phone and go to bed by 10:00 pm and definitely no PUGB! Ooh! I forgot to mention, I will completely give up smoking and alcohol.

Balanced dost: Wow that’s a lot. You sure you can process all that?

Enthusiastic ladka: Pfft. Easy-peasy. I am appearing for APSC this year, so God ka saath toh chahiye hi *grins*

*later that night the clock hit 12:00 at the New Year party*

Enthusiastic ladka :Hey bro! Happy New Year! Chal ek sutta maarke aate hai, aur phir shots lagayenge!

Balanced dost: But…what about your resolutions?

Enthusiastic ladka : Arrey, woh to kal aayenge, pehle aaj ki socho.

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