Guwahati Adda: Diwali bomb or Puja bomb?


Guwahati Adda: Diwali bomb or Puja bomb?

Sidharth Bedi Varma | October 24, 2018 11:32 hrs

Sharma: Oi, eibar puja was really dull (This time puja was
really dull). No one came out of their homes it seems?

Das: Yes. Lagise bomb phuta karone everyone stayed in (The
explosion in the city last week made people stay in).

Sharma: Bhalei hoise, kom bheed mane kom headache. (That’s
good. Less crowd means less headache).

Das: But I think the explosion did dampen the puja spirit.
People became apprehensive about going out to crowded

Sharma: O. At one point some people even started saying
that there was an explosion at the Maligaon pandal. But that
was such a ruse. Thanks to G Plus for issuing a clarification!

Das: On a lighter note, the explosion was weaker than my
knees after leg-day at the gym. Hehe!

Sharma: Well, small things are creating more impact these
days – for example Cyclone “Titli”. I hope the Titli effect
affects Diwali celebrations and belittles the pomp at Fancy

Das: Besi porhisa jen lagise (Looks like you’re reading a lot
these days). Anyway, you shouldn’t be saying such things out
loud. They’ll see you as ‘anti-certain sections of society.’ No
one talks smack about Bihu do they?

Sharma: Abey, Bihu was clearly downplayed in the new
Priyanka Chopra video and we loved it! We don’t care about
it the way we did before. We want the perception of Assam to
be changed. We have more than just Bihu to offer.

Das: I agree!

Sharma: Yes, just say that and not ‘Me Too’

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