Guwahati Adda | The Myth of Mild Diwali Celebrations

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Guwahati Adda | The Myth of Mild Diwali Celebrations

Sidharth Bedi Varma | November 02, 2019 13:06 hrs

Rahul: So schools have been kept shut in Delhi because of the intense pollution levels in the capital?

Habib: Yeah, looks like the Supreme Court’s verdict was blatantly disregarded.

Rahul: What verdict?

Habib: Well, the SC had said that bursting firecrackers should be restricted to a 2 hour window. Flexible for different states, but still restricted.

Rahul: Well, I guess no one really cares about such orders, do they?

Habib: To be honest, it was not just because of firecrackers, was it? There is also the crop burning in the north-western plains.

Rahul: Well that’s what happens when you just randomly give orders from the top.

Habib: Yeah, and it just didn’t end at “not caring” for the order. I think they also failed to enforce the order appropriately. It’s good to put such checks in place, to keep the environment safe. But what’s the point if there aren’t people who are enforcing it? I think violations should’ve been monitored closely.

Rahul: Yeah, I remember calling the police officials to report a “hazaar wala patti.” By the time they arrived, well, the hazaar was long silenced. And then when they left, it started again.

Habib: But I think this time crackers were a little controlled. The pollution in the city was comparatively low.

Rahul: Yeah, maybe, a little. But green crackers didn’t really do well, did they? And even if the crackers were controlled, I think the sweets weren’t. Here’s a mithai for you. This is an eco-friendly-gluten free-sugar free-low carb mithai just to keep you in your good spirits!

Clipart Cartoons: By VectorToons

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