Guwahati And The Seriousness Of The MVI Act

Sunday, 24 January 2021



Guwahati And The Seriousness Of The MVI Act

Sidharth Bedi Varma | September 28, 2019 15:46 hrs

It is evident that Guwahati has taken the announcement of the new MVI Act seriously. People are making a bee lines to pollution testing centres, the helmet stores and the DMV to get their papers in order.

Several office goers have stopped getting a “post office hour drink” out of the fear of being penalized. Helmets are now on people’s heads and not just an ornament on the motorbike. Of course, violations still continue, but some change is visible.

Having said this, it would be interesting to find out what documents the officials were screening before this. Were pollution certificates not important before the MVI Act 2019? The government’s attempt to improve civic sense and to ensure public safety by bring in this act is laudable. But what we want to see in the long run is if people make an honest attempt to mend their ways. Will the revised act instil good behaviour on the road?

A few social media trolls said that the new act and the Durga Puja celebrations have come together to bring “prosperity” for the traffic officials. But honestly speaking, are the police well equipped or enough to monitor violations in the chaotic traffic of Durga Puja?

Also, where was this fear of the law until last week? These rules and penalties have always been in place. But will the steep increment in the penalty make the public obedient or have these been put in place to make penalizing more lucrative?

Honestly, if public safety is a concern, better roads will go a long way in getting us there. While the roads of the state and city have seen a great improvement, here’s hoping that these aren’t just cosmetic changes to keep up with the festive season!

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