Inglorious “rockstar”


Inglorious “rockstar”

Swapnil Bharali | October 15, 2017 17:02 hrs

My worst fears - from my last editorial – came true. No, it doesn’t make me feel at all like Nostradamus; I was not on any prediction spree. I was just making an observation based on my past experiences of the city holding big events and the hooliganism resorted to by a few over-zealous mischief-mongers. What kind of savage amusement such people find in pelting rocks at visitors is beyond my understanding; it also make me wonder if these acts are done under some kind of influence – either intoxicant-induced or mischievously motivated.

Apparently, one person has been arrested; no one, not even the police, is sure that he is indeed the confounded idiot who was responsible for the rock-pelting attack on the Australian cricket team’s bus that shattered a window. The fallout has been of shame among Guwahatians. And why not? For all of us Assamese being at the crossroads where our identity is often at stake or questioned, this single incident has successfully marred all that we seek to portray as a community of soft-spoken, mild-mannered people whose hospitality is nothing short of legendary.

But then, one swallow doesn’t make a summer. By the same yardstick, one nincompoop who had no control over his faculties is not representative of the community. Guwahatians did its best in saying sorry. They held placards with their apologies written boldly in front of the Aussies’ hotel and at the airport and we have reason to believe that we have been forgiven. However, the entire incident snowballed with just one tweet by Aaron Finch and strangely there was no eye-witness to the incident. Even the location of the attack remains vague. Of course, we cannot rely on Finch to name the locality but what the police needs to do is to set an example once and for all by ensuring that the miscreant is caught and royally punished.

Of course, this would require the police to push its potential to the limit given the apparent lack of witnesses and proof. But if at all the rock was hurled and the window did not shatter from any technical snag of the bus, this inglorious rock pelter’s goose best be cooked over slow fire.

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