Mind Power - An Amazing Force Within

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Mind Power - An Amazing Force Within

Jayanta Madhav Barua | November 16, 2019 16:23 hrs

Human mind is something which cannot be defined as an entity on its own. It is a part of the senses of our physical body. It is something which cannot be treated as a separate entity as such. Mind is influenced by various external and physiological factors depending on the particular environment we live in. It is always restless and jumps from place to place like a monkey. Different thoughts and ideas keep coming and going. It is extremely difficult to keep the mind stable. Like water it has a tendency to move out of our hand very easily in spite of the best efforts to retain it under our control.

The physical appearance of an individual and the reactions to certain situations in life are also indications of a person’s state of mind. A happy person with a positive and constructive mindset brings about joy and happiness to everybody around him. A group or a community of such people can contribute a lot to the growth of a healthy and progressive society.

The most interesting aspect of a human being is nobody is born with a constructive or a destructive mindset. The innocent smile and the looks of a small child bring testimony to this fact. Everybody is happy around an innocent child irrespective of his social or financial status because his mind is free from all impurities and complexities. During the process of growing up the child gets exposed to various environments and situations which make him what he is at a later stage in life. It is needless to say that the role of the parents, teachers and the society during this process of his growing up is of utmost importance. Since no human being is born with a certain mindset, it can be easily shaped in the way we desire. However, changing somebody’s thinking process needs a good deal of effort depending on the social, academic and the environmental factors.  In general, people are of the belief that children of educated and enlightened parents are bound to be good. This is not always true unless the parents take adequate care in bringing up their children in a right atmosphere and devote quality time with their children in their formative years.

The most critical aspect of the human mind is the subconscious part of it. Our success or failure in everything we do is dependent on it.  This aspect of the mind is extremely sensitive to what we think, what we see and what we do. Our subconscious mind is ever active and goes on working day and night. The question that often comes to our mind is how does one keep his subconscious mind in its proper shape and make the best use of it. This is a subject which is researched and studied among various social and intellectual circles.

Among the various tools and techniques adopted for controlling our mind, the most ancient practice of yoga and meditation is found to be very effective. Yoga originated in India around five thousand years ago. Many different forms of yoga have been developed in different parts of the world over the years. 

Yoga is not merely a physical form of exercise as many people presume it to be. On the other hand, mediation is a technique to control the breath which is directly linked to the mental state of a human being. Yoga combined with meditation yields numerous mental health promoting effects. Oriental forms of meditation have also become popular in the West such as transcendental meditation apart from Tai and Chi - a Chinese form of meditation. Buddhism has also the systems of meditation which is gaining popularity across the globe. It is of utmost importance to note that the initiation to the practice of any form of yoga and meditation must be done under the guidance and supervision of an experienced trained teacher only. Faulty yoga postures and breathing techniques may lead to complicated mental and physical health issues. Let us all join hands together and contribute to the well being of a beautiful society in this world with a positive and constructive mindset.


(The author is a free lance writer, a motivational speaker and a mechanical engineer by profession)

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