No sympathy for Ms Daimary

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No sympathy for Ms Daimary

Swapnil Bharali | February 02, 2019 10:38 hrs

Flashback 30th October, 2008! When the sunny morning turned dark from smoke billowing out of bombs that blast serially at the busiest localities of Guwahati… When panic spread so fast that it would have given a Tsunami wave a run for its money… When schools and colleges sought to lock their gates after pushing its students out as fast as they could… When mobile phone lines got jammed and without WhatsApp and Messenger or Facebook, the archaic SMS was left as the only means of communication…

Such was the loss of lives that day that the chief of the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB), Ranjan Daimary, who had owned up to masterminding the blasts became public enemy no. 1. I had suffered a personal loss too – a material loss by way of a relative’s car which, in no way, can be compared to the colossal human loss of fathers, mothers, children and most importantly the bread-winners of the families. Today, after 10 years, the Court has delivered a verdict of life imprisonment to this mindless act of terror and while there are comparisons galore to the Kasab death sentence verdict, I am wondering if this is a case of “Justice delayed is justice denied” or “Better late than never.”

However, what gets the gall is the contention of Anjali Daimary, Ranjan’s resourceful and well-connected sister, that the verdict is wrong because Ranjan was engaged in peace talks with the Government of India and that she would appeal to a higher court against the same as part of the legal recourse available. Further, what was more despicable was her act of trying to gain sympathy in front of the media by portraying herself as victim because she was Bodo as against those Assamese terrorists (read ULFA) who had perpetrated a blast in a school at Dhemaji and yet are still enjoying their freedom.

We don’t really understand how the Indian judiciary works and are equally pained that those Assamese terrorists are still free. But an act of terror cannot be anything other than inhumanity, killing someone else in cold blood is and has always been a heinous crime that deserves the severest of punishments. In this situation, giving a communal colour to gain sympathy speaks volumes about the lady’s lack of remorse for her brother’s actions. Simply unacceptable!

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