COVID-19 Vaccine: Of Doubts and Apprehensions


COVID-19 Vaccine: Of Doubts and Apprehensions

Nehal Jain | January 23, 2021 21:42 hrs

Overheard in the newsroom from a colleague who had just completed a 1000-word article on COVID-19 vaccine that while lakhs of Indians are getting themselves inoculated, she wouldn’t want to get a dose of the vaccine.  

“It generally takes years of research to develop a vaccine. I feel that the COVID-19 vaccine has been made in a hurry and who knows what side effects it might have?” she said.

Well, she’s not entirely wrong. Multiple post-COVID vaccination deaths have been reported in India in the past few days. The Centre has insisted that the deaths are not linked to the vaccine, but doctors are concerned and claim the government, perhaps, is not being completely forthright since a frank admission could sabotage the vaccination drive. The irony is that the government doesn't have enough data on the vaccines to establish anything.

It’s been over a year since the first COVID-19 case was detected. While we have gone from locking ourselves in the closed spaces of our homes to learning to live with the virus, some things have remained unchanged - like the apprehension in the minds of the people. 

From hesitating in getting themselves tested for the novel coronavirus to doubting the treatment being provided at government hospitals to being apprehensive regarding the efficacy and the safety of the vaccine – people of India seem to have a lot going on in their minds right now. As the COVID-19 vaccination drive continues, doubts, hesitancy, apprehension and ignorance linger. 

Meanwhile, nearly 10.5 lakh (10,43,534) persons have been administered the COVID-19 vaccine in India since a nationwide vaccination drive began on January 16. And while the vast majority of this number, including doctors, have reported no discomfort whatsoever, it would be prudent to place our trust with these men of science simply because they are more knowledgeable on the subject. 

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