Papri ka Chaat

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Papri ka Chaat

Chetan Bhattarai | February 23, 2019 11:27 hrs

In the World Wide Web your post of something which may be controversial (to some or many) can easily come back to haunt you. I call it digital karma. You may have just posted and forgot about it or maybe did not care about it. But there are “enthusiasts” who will keep a screenshot of your posts or save the videos and images to get back to you in full gusto (when the time is ripe).


Papri Banerjee, a college educator from Guwahati, posted something that she believed to be true and did not care much about putting facts or findings to add weight to her post. That did her in. There are hundreds of users in the online world who will ensure that you don’t cross certain lines. Even the police are getting tech-savvy and are serious when it comes to abuse and sensitive posts in the online world. So when Ms Banerjee expressed her opinion/feelings (freedom of speech) it was very distasteful (to some or many) and led to her being hounded by other freedom fighters (of speech); oh boy it’s a double-edged sword!


The poor professor is now missing in action. She left a note saying that she wants to be left alone as she has been abused through comments and other digital means. The issue is not about being hounded, but why use the web to express opinion/feelings that might ignite other passions? The digital world we move around leave a trail of our footprints. They call it digital footprints. Only those from the deep and dark web know how to tread these waters and leave no prints at all. For common folks like Ms Banerjee, it is best to enjoy “TikTok.”

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