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Pilot is back, what next?

Sidharth Bedi Varma | March 02, 2019 11:09 hrs

Hurrah! Prime Minister Narendra Modi bags an international award – a prestigious one at that. The PM has become the 14th recipient of the Seoul Peace Prize. Peace award at Seoul for being a “soul.” Get 

Me neither. . 

At the award ceremony, the PM said, "The time has come for all right-thinking nations to join hands to completely eradicate terrorist networks. Only by doing so, can we replace hate with harmony; destruction with development and transform the landscape of violence and vendetta into a postcard for peace."

This of course happened before the Indo-Pak escalation, but after the Pulwama attacks. At a time when the nation clamors for stern action, maybe PM Modi could’ve have returned the award and said, “Listen, I am not peaceful, at least not at this point. We will take action. We assure you that we will take action.” And that is how he should’ve made a statement. Maybe, just maybe.

But then again, India took on F16’s with their MiG 21 jets, a fighter plane that has been much debated for its poor performance, and also had a movie made on it (ref: Rang De Basanti).

Coming back to the award, the past winners include former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and international relief organizations like Doctors Without Borders and Oxfam. Do you see where the PM has been positioned? 

And of course PM Modi deserves this. After all, he’s ensured safety and peace in India. And I’m certain that this is because mob lynching, media gagging, religious polarization and political symmetry is at an all time high. And not to forget, PM Modi had a documentary made on him, playing at the event. Maybe that’s also why movie directors are running around to “book” the most searched keywords on Google in the past week – Pulwama, Abhinandan, Indian Air Force and the list goes on!

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