Procrastinating then, sulking now

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Procrastinating then, sulking now

Swapnil Bharali | December 29, 2018 11:21 hrs

Saraighat, Dhola-Sadiya and now Bogibeel! All these bridges bear testimony to the improving infrastructure of the state of Assam besides also improving the country’s defence assets in each case. But eulogising on these infrastructural improvements is not the intent of this piece. Rather, I would want to focus on the current dispensation’s intent of completing work that had remained incomplete and dragging under the UPA regime.

The first clear indication that the BJP government means business when it comes to finishing off work that was dragging was in the case of the second bridge at Saraighat linking Guwahati with Amingaon. Initiated by the Congress government that was in power under Tarun Gogoi, the bridge was taking a tad too long to complete. I am even aware of children studying in a premier school across the river spending their entire school life and not getting to witness the bridge being completed. And yet, when Sarbananda Sonowal assumed power, the intent and commitment towards work was immediately visible. Much to the relief of Guwahatians, the bridge was commissioned to traffic within a year of the state BJP government taking charge.

Given this work culture, the Congress leaders and spokespersons should not, in melancholic tones, sulk publicly on TV that these completed works were their initiatives. Nor should they thereafter lament at the snub of the current government which did not bother to send invitations to them during the inauguration ceremonies of the bridges. Doing so is behaving childishly. The Congress government has been known to drag its feet in almost all instances of development works, leave aside defence deals. Yes, I will be talking about the Rafale deal and the current brouhaha over its quick closure some other time.

Perhaps this practice of procrastination has been part of the Congress Party’s governing policy and too deep-rooted in its genes. Look at how it is heading into the crucial 2019. The elections are just 5 months away and the Congress seems to have no discernible strategy in place to win it so far. If anti-incumbency factor helps, it will be a different issue. But procrastinating is a sin that has its own effects. It’s time Congress realizes this and changes itself in both work ethics and strategies. No point sulking and blaming EVMs later.

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