Quarantine the COVID Negative

Sunday, 24 January 2021



Quarantine the COVID Negative

Swapnil Bharali | September 06, 2020 12:09 hrs

While the weekend lockdown and night curfew have been lifted, the current COVID scenario of Guwahati city is such that all COVID negative persons need to be quarantined immediately.  

The thought truly encapsulates everything that needs to be said to and about Guwahatians and the way they are going about tackling the pandemic situation. A number of deaths that include prominent citizens, a scarily climbing positivity rate, a massive figure of active cases that refuses to diminish, and a struggling administration and government that seem to be at their wits’ end on how to make the apathetic Guwahatians see some common sense, happens to be the order of the day. 

No wonder the Chief Secretary, in a recent tweet, attributed the deteriorating situation to “complacency” ever since Unlock protocols had to be brought in to rein in the floundering economy of the state and the city.

Guwahatians seem to be vengefully averse to observing the required protocols despite the situation taking a turn for the worse on a daily basis. 

Reliable sources in the government reveal a sense of arrogance against the pandemic that seems to be making people ignore the symptoms and thereby delay their tests resulting in patients reaching hospitals too late. This propensity not to test despite symptoms and the aversion to accepting the pandemic situation and behaving as per protocols are clearly what is taking this heavy toll. 

Further dangerous is the simple fact that symptomatic carriers are knowingly spreading the dreaded virus in a manner so callously casual that it is just not a comfortable feeling anymore.

Guwahatians really need to address the situation the way the situation warrants and not be wishing things away casually. All lockdowns have been lifted for economic reasons. But the coronavirus is still among us and we better remember it every second.

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