Right To Dignity

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Right To Dignity

Swapnil Bharali | August 24, 2019 15:52 hrs

Needless drama. Precisely what the whole Chidambaram arrest was all about. The news and the “sensationalism” surrounding it however, gripped the country like nothing else this week. It was media hype at its best with words like “on the run” and “evading arrest” being thrown around liberally by the newly liberated television media.

Whether the former union finance and home minister and one of Congress Party’s tallest leaders is truly guilty of all that he has been charged with will be judged by the honourable Supreme Court of India. But the media trial that preceded it with all the TV channels going live to show the dramatic late night arrest with the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Enforcement Directorate displaying undue haste calls for some deep introspection; one of the more famous TV anchors was virtually hollering to his cameraman to get the best possible shot of the arrest so much so that viewers were left wondering if Chidambaram would be brought out of his home in handcuffs! The aspect called dignity was lost to the country that day.

Closer home through the same week was another drama where a TV media giant couldn’t care less for the massive defamation suits filed against him only for his channel to continue its relentless tirade against a senior police officer of Assam. It is obvious that a clearly personal issue between the two sides is now in public domain and their linen looks really dirty.

Be that as it may, these types of situations where basic human dignity is thrown to the winds triggers a form of hate-mongering that is no less than its other forms and which can always be avoided. Spewing venom at a person in public to the point of stripping him or her off the basic right to dignity by the powerful media might surely help the TRPs momentarily but leaves scars and wounds that do not heal over a lifetime. It is absolutely imperative that given the matured democracy that we are now, our media must refrain from these kinds of proxy trials that only leave a sour taste in the mouths of the huge number of right-thinking Indians who clearly understand the wrong intent with which such news are brewed and fed to them.

Human dignity must be given due respect at all times.

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