Spoilt for choice?

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Spoilt for choice?

Swapnil Bharali | March 16, 2019 13:45 hrs

The current political scenario in the city is fraught with speculations like: Himanta Biswa Sarma is contesting from Tezpur. Oh no, he is Gauhati’s candidate. But Bijoya Chakravarty wants another term. Congress is not being able to locate the right candidate for Gauhati. It seems none among Bolin Bordoloi, Bobbeeta Sarma and all the other applicants are suitable enough to represent the prestigious seat. And that is according to a lobby which are not in favour of them. So ok, let’s get Kamal Nayan Chowdhury as a united opposition candidate to stand against the BJP. Or maybe draft him into the Congress even though he is not as yet a Congressi.


While the Congress has laid out its cards early enough this time in 10 of the 14 Lok Sabha constituencies of Assam, having announced the names of its candidates in these, and the BJP yet to do so even as I write this, the niggling curiosity is what options would Guwahatians get when it comes to making their choice at the forthcoming polls. Given the turn of events, it is very clear that there are personal lobbies working for the candidates – at least in the Congress Party. The party does not yet have a face to present to Guwahatians and are scouting for one. Just imagine the state of affairs of this same party that was in power in Assam for 15 continuous years.


As for the other three constituencies being Kokrajhar, Dhubri and Barpeta each could well have their own issues even though Durga Das Boro should be through at Kokrajhar and we can expect the announcement early enough. Dhubri and Barpeta are anyone’s guess being AIUDF strongholds and the Congress would indeed find it difficult to put up suitable fighting candidates.


What is of paramount importance to us are the Gauhati LS candidates that the various parties will put up. Supreme Court advocate and champion of the illegal migrants’ deportation cause, Upamanyu Hazarika, has already announced his candidature as an independent and is strongly making his presence felt. The incumbent Bijoya Chakravarty has a rather poor report card to show; her age is just not on her side anymore.


The coming weekend will hopefully offer more clarity to these issues and here’s hoping we are spoilt for choice with the best candidates.

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