The most effective political campaign?

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The most effective political campaign?

Sidharth Bedi Varma | April 20, 2019 13:35 hrs

With the elections set to end in Assam on 23rd April, it calls for political parties to see whether they have spent their money wisely – an ROI assessment if you will. With Guwahati going to polls on 23rd, there are a few things you may have seen across the city that makes you realize that election season is at its peak! 

Well, the modest skyline of Guwahati was plastered with hoardings of 2 prominent political parties and that one “independent candidate” who seems to be in the race for the Gauhati seat. But the weather had taken a turn for the worse last week and several of these were ripped multiple times. While it is a hefty investment, my understanding is that photos from the storm damage made its way into several WhatsApp groups (mine included) and people had some discussion about “said political campaigns.” 

Another one is the crass, Poster chipkao system. While it wasn’t overbearing, the poster culture defaces the city in the long run, because no matter who wins, these posters don’t come down – a wasted and an unappreciated campaign strategy.

A popular strategy this season has been “taxi gari loi.” With a car, a sound setup and the volume maxed up, some parties have been playing their “poorly written” anthems and some have chosen to lecture the public about the “khilonjiya adhikar” and the problems of the indigenous Assamese.

Kind of disturbing, but then again, I think the “lecture” has been working. After all, people enjoy lecture baazi. But the songs are just terrible.
And everyone made their “market visit” and ensured photo ops to stake their claim to the most prestigious seat in Assam. As the city gears up for 23rd April and the EC is trying its very best to ensure a healthy voter turnout, it remains to be seen whose strategy pierced Guwahati the deepest and who emerges as the victor on D-Day!

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