Unused Life Jackets

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Unused Life Jackets

Sidharth Bedi Varma | July 27, 2019 12:29 hrs

Citizens of Assam blamed the Inland Water Transport (IWT) department and the Assam state government after a boat capsized in 2018 killing three people while many went missing. Only 22 passengers had valid tickets and the boat was overloaded with 18 motorcycles also on it.

The transport department thereafter decided to take various precautions to save the lives of passengers. Accordingly, new vessels were ordered to replace country made boats but many country boats continue to still ply. 

While the government has the habit of delaying things as they require a lot of time for planning and research, the department went ahead to provide life jackets to all the passengers. 

At present any vessel under IWT moving from Fancy Bazar to North Guwahati has adequate life jackets for the passengers. The irony is that the passengers do not want to wear them. 

The IWT might still be using old vessels with old motors but the life jackets are vital in case of accidents on the Brahmaputra. The citizens are quick to blame the government through social media whenever the authorities are at fault, but the irresponsibility of the relevant populace reflected in this instance throws up great concern. 

During heavy rainfall the citizens do not want to vacate the illegally made houses on top of hills, and when a landslide occurs the authorities are quick to be blamed for the mishap. Similar examples of irresponsibility of the general public are galore and so are instances where the authorities are always slammed. 

When will the mindset change and when will people learn to respect their own lives? The Guwahati Municipal Corporation is always blamed for not cleaning the drains in Guwahati, but who throws garbage in the drains?

It is high time that the law is enforced for public who are not being responsible enough towards their own lives. Someone not wearing a life jacket should be barred from travelling on a ferry.

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