Weekends Against CAA

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Weekends Against CAA

Swapnil Bharali | December 28, 2019 13:49 hrs

A great year that was 2019 in terms of Assam being in the news for all the right reasons – be it for Hima Das, Lima Das or Rima Das or for the other glorious events that took place in the city of Guwahati, is ending with Assamese people out on the streets protesting against what they feel is a very disturbing and contentious law drafted by the central government. Yes, Assamese sentiments have been badly hurt and they feel truly betrayed for the fact that a promise of making Assam free of illegal migrants has been replaced by a law that would allow illegal migrants of one religion to become citizens of the country and thereby domiciles of the state.

In this sense, the protests are justified and these need to be long-drawn and tenacious albeit peaceful and democratic. But then, protests are disruptive as well and the routine life of working and earning gets impacted. The current protests have also gone on to disrupt the academic calendar of the state with examinations from the school to university level getting postponed/delayed thereby inflicting losses of the valuable time of the student fraternity. After all, this has been a student-led agitation and their angst was on full display throughout the curfews that were clamped on the city.

However, given the modernity of the times, the pace at which the world is moving and the imperative need to keep parity with the same, a semblance of discipline in the protests are required for them to be more impactful and less disruptive to normal life. While the protests have already started acquiring creative characteristics with new lyrics being tuned and sung as also new portraits and artworks being painted, these would have a more telling impact if the weekends are used and national media appropriately invited to cover them keeping the weekdays free for work and studies. Such protests, if mounted with some semblance of planning, would have greater impact with the national media picking up the novelty of the “Weekends against CAA.” Also, it would send strong signals that the Assamese society does care for its own social and economic welfare and yet seeks to disagree on what has been a huge bruise to its sentiments.

I wish our dear readers and followers a great 2020 with the hope that the year brings happy tidings for Assam.

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