Where is The Money to Fight Assam Floods?

Monday, 18 January 2021



Where is The Money to Fight Assam Floods?

Sidharth Bedi Varma | July 18, 2020 17:09 hrs

Floods are here in Assam! Lakhs of people and animals get displaced, lose their homes, livelihoods and get stranded. This, added with a death toll each year, makes the Assam floods a national calamity. 

The disaster that the swollen Brahmaputra brings with it is somewhat perennial – but so are the complaints around it. Lack of media attention, no preventive and mitigation measures – all the Assam governments have all failed to tackle this problem. We at G Plus get to see some heart-wrenching visuals each year of a whole lot of destruction followed by some photos of relief operations – basically photo ops for some.

With digital media penetrating even more, this year around, there is more ‘volume of search’ for Assam floods. A set of people are interested in learning more, but I highly doubt that would be enough. In the process, there are a lot of awareness campaigns run by content creators, individuals, NGOs, media etc and of these, some make an effort to raise funds. 

While awareness is a key element, there have also been thousands of crores of rupees ‘donated’ to Assam’s Flood Relief Fund. The question is where is the money?

The spends made in the Assam CM’s Relief Fund continues to elude the public. While people may donate selflessly, it is important for us to find out where this money is going. After all, we make donations, after having paid our taxes, for the ‘proper functioning’ of the country. The least the government should offer is the transparency in the funds. 

Now that my favourite football club also made a post saying, “Assam, we are with you”, I am embarrassed to write to them saying, thanks for the support Arsenal, but the government has a better defence than us. They don’t let anything pass! 

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